Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Tazza ' The Hidden Card '

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"Tazza: The Hidden Card" is a South Korean gambling film using a well structured storyline to tell the story of a tazza named Han Dae-gil, as he dives into the world of underground gambling. The film displays a chart topping flick by using witty dialogue, a attractive storytelling method, and a narrowed sense of emotions. The movie struck gold, domestically, upon its release due to high expectations and a trendy cast line-up.
The "Tazza" series is based on the popular comic series written by Kim Se-young and illustrated by Huh Young-man. In 2004, the first movie came out, called "Tazza: The High Rollers". The first film attracted many viewers and did so well that there had to be a spin off for it. Both films follow a similar plot. A hometown gambler makes it into the big league, which leads to a sudden downfall as he finds tazzas who are much more skilled than him. "It only mirrors 'The High Rollers ' in the broad strokes it dispenses with its multiple narrators and pseudo-documentary inserts" ( Seaver, paragraph 3 ). However, I think the second movie is the best because its plot and actors are more modern than the ones in the first one.
The flow of the movie is viable for this particular theme as it goes from a steady opening to a more complicated storyline. So little happening in the beginning causes the viewers to zone in and out, losing track of important events that happen. These overlooked events come into play later on, causing some watchers to become confused.…

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