Essay about Analysis Of The Movie ' Spaghetti Westerns '

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Drunk, stupid, lazy, these are just a few of the words that popular culture has used to

describe the Native American Indians. The so called “Spaghetti Westerns” were constantly

painting these “savages” as less than human. Even John Wayne, who perhaps had more

respect than most for Native Americans, still portrayed them in a negative connotation. One of

Wayne’s most popular movies, McClintock, has the American Indians stating a party was fun

but “no whiskey, so we go home.” This movie was the norm not the exception; time after time

the Native American Indians have had to overcome these derogatory and humiliating

stereotypes to take back their story for their generation and the next.

Perhaps, the most difficult stereotype to break is the image of the ignorant Native American

Indian. However, they have been shattering that image. One of the most provocative and

enlightening ways, they have accomplished that is through their art. They have shown their true

genius by using satire in their art work to illustrate their truth. Colleen Lloyd illustrated this

through her picture, HOMELAND SECURITY FIGHTING TERRORISM SINCE 1492. Lloyd drew

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Geronimo standing with Apache Warriors, to connect the past to the current situation the

United States is in; leading the viewer to understand that…

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