Analysis Of The Movie ' Soderbergh ' Essay

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From his first film to last, Soderbergh has made a name for himself in his careers. His outside the box cinematics are what set him apart from other mainstream directors. Soderbergh started out as an indie film maker and has gone one to make blockbusters with top A-list actors and actresses. Taking a closer look at three of his films, Sex, Lies and Videotape, Out of Sight and The Good German, has Soderbergh moved away from being an idea filmmaker.

Indie films, short for Independent films are of that in its name. Indie films are generally produces without the resources and support from Hollywood studios, (major ones like Paramount, Warner Brothers, Fox, etc.). These films are of lower budget, none A-list actors, more artistic direction. Indies movies embraces and challenge what Hollywood doesn’t. Don’t favor spectacles, big special effects, Indie is subtler and intimate. Indie films tend to be more complex and expressive.


Soderbergh’s first film Sex, Lies and Videotape, was made outside the studio system like Hollywood films. It has stylistic variation. It was not just his debut into the indie film industry but his debut into the film industry as a whole. “`Sex, lies, and videotape`` discovers a distinctive, laconic rhythm right from the start, thanks to Soderbergh`s taste for holding his shots just a bit longer than conventional, slick editing technique would allow. Allowing the dialogue to trail off into silence, or staying with a reaction shot long enough to…

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