Analysis Of The Movie ' Snow Crash Hiro ' Essay

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Hiro, our main protagonist, throughout the out the whole book spend almost all of his time inside of the metaverse. Often throughout Snow Crash Hiro talks about his true reality in a very negative sense. Just a few pages before Hiro is shown, for the first time, goggling into the metaverse, he is talking about how awful his life is, "But in the bleak light of full adulthood, which is to one 's early twenties as Sunday morning is to Saturday night, he can clearly see what it really amounts to: "He 's broke and unemployed. And a few short weeks ago, his tenure as a pizza deliverer -- the only pointless dead-end job he really enjoys -- came to an end."(Stephenson 20). The striking images, metaphor, and syntax that Stephenson uses develops Hiro 's disdain of his true reality. Stephenson vividly describes Hiro 's current situation to be "in the bleak light of full adulthood". This striking image of a bleak light emits a sense of despair and depression reflecting Hiro 's feelings of his own reality. In addition, the metaphor that Stephenson 's implements, comparing adulthood and youth to a Sunday morning and Saturday night, develops this sense of dread that Hiro has when in reality. With this we see why Hiro chooses to spend so much time in the metaverse, it is even directly referred a few pages later," Hiro spends a lot of time in the Metaverse. It beats the shit out of the U-Stor-It."(Stephenson 22). Hiro uses the increased mobility that he has through virtual reality to shift…

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