Vikas Swarup's Slumdog Millionaire

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A majority of people who have read and then watched Slumdog Millionaire, would concur that the author and director took very different takes on the same main idea. Vikas Swarup, the author of Slumdog Millionaire, told the story of 18 year old Ram Mohammad Thomas. He was swiftly arrested on the account of cheating on the game show “Who Will Win a Billion”. Ram then had to recount his life story to prove how he knew all of the answers. The director, Danny Boyle, had taken the book Slumdog Millionaire and changed it into a creation of his own. His story follows Jamal Malik an 18 year old chai wallah. He is chosen to be a contestant in Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Surprisingly Jamal gets all the questions right and he now has to tell his life …show more content…
The one thing that stands out the most is how they foreshadow the question. In the book Vikas Swarup goes into great detail about the item that will be in the question that the game show asks. “It says “Colt” in chiseled letters and has a jumping horse on either side of the inscription. I flip it over. On the other side of the muzzle it says “Lightweight,” but it feels ridiculously heavy. The pistol has engraved on it some letters and numbers, which have become faded. I made out “Conn USA” and “ DR 24691.” The book describes every part of the gun to show why Ram was able to answer the question. In the movie they use close up shot or slow motion to foreshadow the question. While Jamal and Salim were fleeing from the police, they maneuvered past a girl dressed up as a religious goddess. The movie shows a close up shot up her for a couple seconds then back to the tracking shot of the kids running. The director Danny Boyle uses the close up shot to highlight what the girl looks like. He leaves the shot on the screen for longer than normal to show that she has some significance in the story.

The book and the movie of Slumdog Millionaire seem very different at first but they use a lot of the same techniques to tell the story. The director Danny Boyle took a very different take on the book that Vikas Swarup created. Although the stories told by the book and movie widely vary, many things stay

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