Analysis Of The Movie ' Shoji Meguro ' Essay

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Since 1995, Shoji Meguro (born in Tokyo on June 4, 1971) has been composing soundtracks and original soundtracks (ost), which are classified as music for video game, and is the game director for the Japanese video game company Atlus for 21 years. Atlus, established on April 7, 1986 in Tokyo, is known for producing video game franchises including the Shin Megami Tensei series and Persona series, toward the game genre Japanese role-playing games. The Persona franchise have been selling well in Japan and globally (See Figure 1 and Figure 2). Persona is also very popular to teenagers both domestically and globally for many reasons: 1) Persona is able to uphold the traditional jrpg elements (video game fans), 2) teenagers are able to relate to the character’s struggle ranging from grief and family trouble (any fans who are going through tough times), and 3) Persona soundtracks/ost is alluring (music fan). However, it is Meguro’s musical experience and influences which allowed each Persona games to have an individual and distinguishable music style which as result, strengthen the gameplay, game’s theme, and characters to appeal to teenagers. Persona fans knows Meguro for primarily using electronica style to implement mainly Western music like jazz and rock as the main music structure to Japanese pop or Jpop. However, one would not consider that Meguro have many musical and community influences which led to his composing style today. Meguro’s first influence which led him to…

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