Analysis Of The Movie ' Sherrybaby ' Essay examples

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Sherrybaby was a movie which showed the parole process from the perspective of the parolee. The protagonist was a woman named Sherry who had been released from prison for a theft charge. It shows how difficult it could be for someone to enter into a society that they have been separated from. There were four main variables that played a part in how Sherry went about her parole and which had failed her. These include Her family, the criminal justice system, herself, and her Narcotics group therapy. This movie put the terms we learnt in class into perspective even though it was a fictional plot. This contributed to the understanding and application of the terms. Since Sherry was a woman she faced certain obstacles that prevented her from completing her parole successfully. This mixed with the other variables is what is responsible for her failed re-entry.
The first and predominant problem that Sherry failed her probation was heavily weighed upon her family. What should be the supporting factor for her was what evidently caused her downfall. When she was first released from prison she was placed into a halfway house. This caused tension between her and the other parolees living in the house. Sherry turned to her brother Bobby for help and guidance. This seemed suitable because he was watching her daughter Alexis while she was in prison. There was a major conflict between Bobby’s wife Marcia and Sherry. This tension was caused because Marcia thought of Alexis as a daughter…

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