Analysis Of The Movie ' Self / Less ( Ben Kingsley Essay

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Locke and Personal Identity Locke presents the idea of personal identity as the question of what makes us the same person over time. How are we able to identify ourselves outside of our physical bodies? Does one remain the same person even if we have physical resemblances and continuity of memory? In the movie Self/Less (Ben Kingsley, 2015), Damian a rich real estate entrepreneur is at the peak of his success is faced with the rough reality of cancer, that is untreatable and consuming his body. Damian turns to an uncommon approach to saving his mind, by transferring his “spiritual substance,” according to Descartes’s Dualist view of human beings to a younger more youthful empty vessel (body) portrayed by (Ryan Reynolds). According to Locke there is no such thing as a separation between body and soul, a rational being is conscious and able to think, reason and reflect on their own.
That self- consciousness is inseparable from thinking, and that it is not possible to think, see and hear, without being conscious of doing so. This becomes very apparent when Damian is unable to continue living through his loaned body without having continuous flashbacks of his old life as his former self,
Mark a husband, father, and war veteran. Young Damian (Ryan Reynolds) was unaware that the body that he is now using to fulfill his life and dreams to continue living; use to belong to Mark a selfless father that gave his body up in order to be able to finance his sick daughter’s treatments…

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