Analysis Of The Movie ' School Ties ' By Robert Mandel Essay

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School Ties (1992) is a film, about a Jewish teenager from a working class background, who is given an unusual football scholarship to become the school 's starting quarterback at an exclusive prep school, St. Matthew 's. Directed by Robert Mandel, School Ties presents stereotypical notions of masculinity. The predominant illustration of masculinity is the through the initial portrayal of the protagonist, David Greene (Brendan Fraser) as an alpha male. An alpha male, as conveyed in the film, is an individual who proclaims their social dominance and athletic prowess. Accordingly, School Ties deliberately employs narrative, symbolic and technical elements to highlight Greene’s alpha masculinity. Greene’s character in the film represents the stereotypical view of a muscular and confident alpha male defined by his ability to challenge authority, the way in which he reacts when he is made the target of racist remarks and his attitude towards his classmates.

Greene’s alpha masculinity is conveyed through his interactions with his friends and physical strength. Specifically Mandel illustrates Greene’s masculinity whilst undertaking his sporting scholarship, and engaging with newfound friends and fellow students. This is seen through Greene’s costuming, body language, and dialogue. Greene’s repetitive style of costume demonstrates his tendency to dress similar to other classmates featured within the film. For instance, when interacting with fellow students, Greene often wears…

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