Analysis Of The Movie ' Schindler 's List Essay

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No one movie, article, or document really changes anything. The reaction of the people, this is what actually makes change. With the reaction of people to a good film, document or article, more good outlets of media will be released. This then turns into a cycle, with more good media, more people are affected for good and will then put out even more inspiring media. This “good media” helps to inspire others to do good around the world.

Schindler’s list is an example of media that inspires others. This movie depicts the horrible atrocities of the Holocaust and how one man, Oskar Schindler, was able to rescue some jewish people who would otherwise be murdered in concentration camps. The content of the movie itself is rather depressing in the context of the Holocaust, however when you take the perspective of the amount of good depicted in the movie, the film becomes truly powerful and inspiring. Schindler helped save roughly 1,200 Jewish lives from certain death in nazi concentration camps. This is an outstanding act of human selflessness and shows the brighter side of the human spirit. With this inspiring story depicted in the film, people are shown the very best of human nature contrasted with the very worst of human nature. Today’s media for the most part, unfortunately does not depict what 's best in society, but too often focuses on the worst in the world. An example of this is in news networks; today it is very hard to turn on the news and find a story about good…

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