Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Romeo And Juliet '

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Shakespeare’s most famous play is called Romeo and Juliet, although traditionally a script now has been portrayed as a film various times. Two versions have been broadcasted and presented the most due to popularity, Baz Luhrmann’s 1997 and Franco Zeffirelli 1968. Both films used the same traditional language and actions however set in different eras used different costumes and props. This is a comparison between the two films Act one Scene one. ------
Franco Zeffirelli setting of Romeo and Juliet in Verona in Renaissance Italy, is the traditional spoken script of Shakespeare’s play and the period written. Most features of the town presented an aspect of the renaissance era including the fountain, market place and street places that were usually busy. At the beginning of the film the mood is displayed in the first few opening scenes with different uses of light and heat to indicate the feeling of the summer time so the audience knew what season it was. Baz Luhrmann put a modern twist onto his story making it set in ‘New Verona’, an American city, where the town is frequently struggling with the wars between the Capulets and Montagues. ‘New Verona’ is based on LA or New York with the same tall buildings, beaches, cars and social structures collapsing overtime. This is presented in the first scene, where a violent outbreak happens with the result of a teenage gang causing the city to go into lock down.------
Both directors included the choice of using a voice over to set the…

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