Essay about Analysis Of The Movie ' Requiem For A Dream '

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The movie, “Requiem for a Dream”, music composed by Client Mansell, is a psychological drama about four Brooklyn residents and their drug addictions. Addicted to heroin, cocaine, and diet pills (speed) each of the four characters’ tumble into a dark hellish depth that became their reality. The film 's dialogue, music, and sound effects are used creatively, and strategically to create a masterful sound track. That not only works well with the visuals, but at many moments over shadows them and fills the viewer with intense emotion.
The time code starts with seeing Sara, a middle-aged woman, laying down on a hospital stretcher that is being moved quickly down a hospital hallway. The camera is filming from above her as her face and shoulders can be seen. There is non-diegetic orchestral music playing. Which is Consisted mostly of stringed instruments, sharp notes, a fast tempo, and repeated melodies. Squeaking metal sounds can be heard coming from the stretcher wheels overlapped by the sound of an ambulance alarm. The soundtrack is illustrating the chaos and confusion Sara is experiencing.
The film then switches to a scene showing a thumb flick a lighter on, which lasts about one second. Then liquid bubbling on a spoon which lasts about one second. Then a needle “sucking” liquid, which lasts about one second. Then a pair of eyes dilating, which lasts for about one second. The scene has no dialogue or music. The lighter, liquid on spoon, needle, and the pair of eyes dilating…

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