Analysis Of The Movie ' Remember The Titans ' Essay

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The drama film The Help is set in the midst of the civil rights movement of the 1960’s, where a determined young writer Skeeter attempts to give Mississippi’s black maids a chance to tell their stories and overcome racial discrimination. Likewise, the film Remember the Titans details the adversities faced when a black coach is appointed head coach of the first integrated football team. In this film, the coach Herman Boone not only wins the hearts of the community but changes their views on racial discrimination. Although these films are set a century apart, together they both bring to the viewers’ attention how important it is to overcome racist views. Both films achieve this through visual conventions including mise-en-scene, cinematography and post production.
The Help set in the 1960’s, Mississippi, details the adversities that coloured maids (the help) faced whilst working for white families. Tate Taylor, the director, utilised lightening, music and camera angles to expose the issue of racial discrimination effectively. In the first ten minutes of the movie we are introduced to the black maid, Minny Jackson and the family she is working for. They are leaving the house and as they walk out, the characters constructed positioning shows the importance of the individual. Hilly Holbrook, a white female, is followed by her mum and then Miss Jackson last. This short scene represents how coloured people should not associate with whites unless spoken to, and how they are…

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