Analysis Of The Movie ' Remember The Titans ' Essays

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Devin Braddock
Coach Carver
Extra Credit
28 November 2016

“Remember the Titans”
This paper will analyze the sociological issues that we have discussed in class and that are brought up in the movie Remember the Titans. Based on a true story, this movie covered many of the main issues of our society in the past and some that continue in today’s world. Although these issues supposedly have been overcome, many can still be observed today. Before looking at the issues, it is important to understand the movie.
The movie starts with Coach Boone, an African American head football coach being hired to replace Coach Yoast, a white football at the newly integrated high school. Coach Boone offers Coach Yoast, an assistant coordinating coaching position to help relieve some tension. Coach Boone takes the newly integrated football team to camp, in hopes of the players forming friendships. Unfortunately, this plan fails with the black and white team leaders in constant disagreement. Disgusted by the team’s actions, Coach Boone disciplines his newly formed team with a run to Gettysburg. After the run to Gettysburg Coach Boone gives a history lesson about what happened on the land that they were standing on. He also spoke about the two races and the history of them and what the battle of Gettysburg stood for. He suggested to the players that they needed to stand together as one and bring people together. Coach Boone’s speech was successful because the players started to come…

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