Analysis Of The Movie ' Quartet ' Essay

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As for this assignment I chose to write my reelection on the movie Quartet. Quartet is a movie based of a trio of opera singers who sing for their fourth member who shows up to the celebration but decides not to sing. The main characters are Reggie(Reginald), Cissy, Wilf and Jean. They are retired folks who live in what I would call a retirement home with sort of specific standards. The retirement home is home to many artist of all sorts. I will discuss the view that portray how the elderly are viewed in a modern vs. past scenario. From the start of the movie the retirement home seemed to be a home for talented artist of all sorts. Whether it be singing, or playing an instrument or maybe painting it was home to an assortment of artist. Each of the first three characters has a sort of outstanding personality with an impressive amount of confidence. All three seem to know that they have had a good life, but as for Reginald one of the three he mentioned once in the movie that he hated growing old. It seems that age has caught up to him and he has yet to face it. The others like Jean know that age is upon them and she has to right her wrongs with Wilf as they had a romantic but Jean had hurt him in the past. As the movie goes on, theres a certain pattern that I see. The one behavior that stays common through most of the elderly in the movie is talk without filtering anything and forgetfulness. Could it be because that is how they want us to view the elderly. In a…

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