Analysis Of The Movie ' Puerto Rican Man ' Essay

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Vivid tells him, that’s what I mean, that Man made you give up your life to thrill his own.
Vivid tells him to forgive himself, so he can have his life back that he stole. Phalli tells her, well’ I cannot bring my Mother back, nor tell her I am very sorry for what I did to her.

Vivid tells him, no ' your granddaughter has already done that, five years ago, Doris made that woman happy.

Phalli asks her how? Vivid tells him, she didn’t marry a “Puerto Rican Man” plus she wrote her story in a book, so no one would ever marry a
“Puerto Rican Man”.

This also made Vivid, very happy. She tells her brother, now the World will know the truth.
Phalli Jr. tells his sister, yes’ they will, Phalli Jr. tells Vivid, thank you. Then they hang up.


Trudias, was sitting on the front Porch alone, the night before bandits broke into his family
Home which stole his Mother , Father , and three sisters , it was late in the night, they were all asleep. All he heard was yelling and angry
Men, beating on his family. Trudias was sleeping in the upper Attic , no one knew he was there, when he looked through the Attic door opening all he seen were masked Men threatening and tying up his family, the Men took them outside to a Wagon and loaded them on it. When Trudias knew they had gone, he came down out of the attic, then he tried to find someone to help him, but there was no one for miles and it was too dark to walk to find help, so he waited until sunlight to try to find anyone who knew…

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