Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Precious '

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The movie “Precious” released in 2009 is based on the book “Push” a novel written by Sapphire. “Precious” is screen played by Geoffrey S. Fletcher, and directed by Lee Daniels. The movie highlights the different types of abuse and misery an adolescent faced in her entire life. The abuse occurred in different forms such as physical, sexual, verbal, and public humiliation. Precious is a sixteen year old African American named Claireece Precious Jones. Precious is uneducated, obese, lives with her mother, pregnant with her second child and lastly she is a victim of domestic violence and abuse.

Precious lives with her mother (Mary) who makes her do all the household chores such as cooking, cleaning and also shopping for the house. Her mother spends the majority of her time sitting, smoking, and watching television meanwhile her daughter is struggling with her social life and her education. Mary physically and verbally abuses Precious by throwing objects at her and telling her how worthless and stupid she is. In addition Precious receives the same treatment from the neighborhood kid and some students in her school. On the other hand, Mary’s boyfriend, who happens to be Precious’s father, sexually abuses her and he is the father of Precious both of her children. Precious contracted the HIV virus as a result of being raped by her father.

Taking a critical look at the movie and analyzing what transpired, raises red flags that could be noticed and could have been prevented in the…

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