Analysis Of The Movie ' Practical Magic ' Essay

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Kylee My mom found herself in a sticky situation when she found out she was pregnant at sixteen, not that she felt anything negative towards the pregnancy, it was just an accident. At the age of sixteen, the origin of my name doesn 't surprise me. My name came from the movie "Practical Magic." Kylee was a spunky redhead and I wonder if that 's how my mom thought I would be, or if that 's how she hoped I 'd be. Kylee means graceful and beautiful and I never cease to find the irony in that. I am far from graceful, tripping over my own feet or up the stairs at school, and I am not as beautiful as the name sounds. I am not ugly, I know that, and I wouldn 't call it conceited, I just have self-confidence, but I am certainly not what you would call insanely beautiful. My face is round, my eyes are not round like in the Disney movies, I don 't wear makeup, and I 'm not as thin as the average girl. I don 't have a problem with the way I look, but when I hear "graceful" and "beautiful," I picture a different person, maybe a dancer or a model, but I am not either. Yet, when I look in mirror, I believe my name suits me well.

11/16/99 I was born on November 19th, 1999 at Florida Hospital in Sebring, FL. I was a perfectly healthy baby, except for the fact that I had undeveloped lungs. I was born exactly one month early and was transported to Arnold Palmer within the hour. My dad followed the ambulance immediately to Orlando, my mom following behind as soon as possible with my nana,…

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