Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Pocahontas '

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Ignorance is bliss. A common American phrase indicating it is better to not know certain information for own personal sakes. A general application of this philosophy in American Society is found in Native American history. Most of what Americans think they know about Native Americans is inaccurate. A particular event that is frequently misconstrued is the story of Pocahontas. This events have been wrongfully whitewashed over many years for a variety of reasons that ultimately stem from one reason.
Pocahontas is one of the most celebrated Native Americans whom is loved by children and Disney fans everywhere; however, this Pocahontas is only a person of fiction. Yes, She’s a person who actually existed, but accuracy has never been imperative when telling her story. This leaves her legend more mythical than historical. Despite this, her actual story is still alive, and although it’s hard to find reliable sources to determine fact from falsehood. A good place to start the evaluation of whitewashing of Pocahontas is the Disney movie. Certainly, Disney has a duty to modify their animations so they are appropriate for children; however, it does not excuse them to turn Pocahontas into a “White Man’s Indian.” (Edgarton,Jackson). Disney whitewashes Pocahontas in several ways: the changing her age to one that’s prime for a young love story to take place; the shortening of the timespan in which the Indians and Europeans had conflicts; and neglecting other pertinent information about…

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