Essay about Analysis Of The Movie ' Pariah '

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Dee Rees’s film “Pariah” has a very easy storyline to follow. A young “woman” who is suffering because she has to balance two lives breaks free from the oppressive forces that make her conform to what society says a young woman should be like. Like any other story like this, the protagonist has to overcome many obstacles within herself, her family, and other outside forces to prevail and proclaim her true identity. To the basic, reader this is a similar to plot to many other coming of age stories. But Pariah is not like most coming of age stories. In fact, could it be considered a coming of age story. Personally I feel like the film is more of an identity story. A story that is about Alike, a woman who is beginning to question her identity and place on the gender spectrum. She knows that she is a lesbian, but what happens when lesbianism begins to feel a little different. What happens when you are a lesbian who doesn’t feel comfortable as a girl? What happens when you start to question the life you have lived for so long? What happens when you break free from oppressive forces that want to condemn you no matter what? In this alternative perspective analysis of Dee Rees’s film Pariah, I will argue that Alike’s identity crisis was not the problem for her mother, it was Alike’s expressive freedom that gave her so much grief.
Black women are figures that are constantly fetishized, sexualized, degraded, etc. When a black woman finds a place of stability, she jumps on. She makes…

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