Analysis Of The Movie ' Parenthood ' Essay

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Unified Bonds: Response to the movie “Parenthood.” Out of all of the families in this movie, I feel as though I can relate to… well, all of them in some sort of way. Gil’s family, in my opinion, is something like the suburban representation of what the concept of a uniform family should look like. He lives the go-to domestic lifestyle. His marriage is solid, his children happy, healthy. In many ways, Gil’s life reminds me a lot of the way mine used to be. As a child, my family unit seemed put together, seemed stable and promising. My mom and dad were married; something that, at the time, I thought set the foundation for a future that was imprinted with a “happily-ever-after.” We were settled around the portion of the town that was called “Butternut Woods,” in a small cottage-like house that my parents had eventually painted (viridescent). Gil’s family reminds me immensely of my own because, like us, they tried hard to mold the image of faultlessness, of harmony. To the world outside their fortress of bloodlines, they were the picture perfect portrait of the happiest family, just like mine was. However, the difference that grew to separate us is a little concept called “the hills and valleys.” When the Buckman’s had to overcome the hills,- a time of stress or catastrophe,- they took it on whole-heartedly and grew to move past it, grew to flourish in the valleys; the stretch of conciliation that laid wait. When my family faced a hardship, it was either meet with an explosive…

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