Analysis Of The Movie ' Parenthood ' Essay

802 Words Oct 7th, 2015 4 Pages
The movie Parenthood takes the lives of four siblings and their respective families and puts them under a microscope. This production perfectly reflects the life of families in the modern age. Every family has embarrassing moments together, they face their ups and their downs, and they sacrifice for the benefit of one another. Whenever a family gets together there tends to be stories retold, and the compilation of the stories and experiences tends to recreate the plot of Parenthood. Embarrassing moments and family go together hand in hand. Early on in the movie we learn that one of siblings is divorced and is managing as a single mother. She has many things to tend to on a day-to-day basis with her distant son, rebellious daughter, and her personal career. With this said, though, single women still have needs. In an accidental blackout one of her siblings mistakenly uncovers a personal belonging, which is then shown to the entire family. After this, during a fight with her daughter and multiple times throughout the movie characters make comments about the whole ordeal. This scene is not unlike when someone sits at a family dinner to find out that his or her sibling is gay, that another sibling might be getting divorced, an unexpected relative might be pregnant, or hear an older relative say something slightly politically wrong. When a family gets together everyone is comfortable with another; because of that things slip that would be better kept secret or personal. When…

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