Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Ordinary People '

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In the film, Ordinary People, character Beth, is the mother of Buck and Conrad, and the wife of Calvin. Beth is simultaneously grieving the sudden loss of her oldest child Buck, and struggling with the attempted suicide of her second child, Conrad, while attempting to maintain her marital relationship with Calvin, and her sense of identity as mannerly socialite. Buck dies during an accident when the boat he and Conrad are sailing capsizes in bad weather. Conrad is able to hold on while Buck, overcome with fatigue, releases his grip on the hull of the boat and drowns. Conrad, who takes responsibility for the death of his older brother, attempts suicide and spends a short time in a mental hospital. Calvin is encouraging family therapy. The idea of therapy suggests that it may be necessary for Beth to address other issues within the marriage caused by her conflicted relationship with Conrad, in addition to discussing her feelings of grief over Buck’s death, and her feelings of disappointment, and possibly betrayal, surrounding Conrad’s would-be death due to suicide.
The relationships between Beth and both Calvin and Conrad are conflicted. Beth is close to Calvin and cut off from Conrad. Beth distances herself immediately from Conrad and despite attempts to devote time to her relationship with Calvin by engaging in an activity they have shared throughout their marriage, Beth and Calvin are slowly distancing themselves because of Calvin’s overly attentive behavior toward…

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