Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Ordinary People '

1058 Words May 10th, 2016 5 Pages
The film Ordinary People demonstrates clear examples of family dysfunction.
The Jarrett family, that the movie portrays, has just suffered through the death of their eldest son Buck. The pain of this event caused the family 's younger son Conrad to attempt committing suicide. This has put major strain on family relationships, as Conrad feels guilty for making his parents worry. His father Calvin has difficulty understanding where his son is coming from, and his mother Beth seems to want to only have things go back to normal and not acknowledge the multitude of problems. All of these problems stem from the family 's inability to communicate. As a result of this, it is undeniable that the family could have benefited from conflict management strategies. Both Beth and Conrad practice silence which develops into violence when they are challenged. On the other hand, Calvin attempts to be communicative, but is often pushed into silence by Beth. This pattern causes frustration and has the end result of Calvin occasionally expressing violence. The silence expressed on all sides in the Jarrett family could be potentially addressed with contrasting, which would at least serve as a basic method by which everyone could express their true intentions without being perceived as antagonistic. The rest of this essay will look at individual characters acts of silence and violence and attempt to discover what conflict management strategy would most benefit them, as illustrated…

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