Analysis Of The Movie ' Norwegian Wood ' Essay

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Being in love is often times described as being a part of life. But for some, such as Toru Watanabe from “Norwegian Wood”, being in love takes up more than just a part of his life. Toru falls in love with two different girls, Naoko Wowsugi and Midori Kobayashi. He expresses different types of love for these girls. For Midori he expresses a romantic type of love while for Naoko he has more of caring kind of love. All the while he has compassionate love for both of these girls because that is the kind of person he is. Toru eventually questions the love for both of them after a series of events. Toru 's first love in Norwegian Wood is Naoko. Naoko suffers from extreme depression while isolating herself away from everyone. She has a problem opening herself up on a personal level. With this type of behavior we see Toru build patience and understanding towards Naoko. He waits for her even though he knows that they do not really have a chance of being together. Even though Naoko is mentally unstable, Toru feels they have a certain bond because they both suffered the loss of Kizuki. He feels that this tragic event brings him and Naoko together. He loves her so much that he feels he fought his depression and fought the thoughts of suicide for Naoko. Toru says to Kizuki, “I will never, ever turn my back on her. First of all, because I love her, and because I am stronger than she is.” ( Murakami 382) This quote shows that Toru feels that he is able to fix her, and that he can be more…

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