Analysis Of The Movie ' Nightcrawler ' Directed By Dan Gilroy

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The movie Nightcrawler, directed by Dan Gilroy, begins with a Los Angelean thief, Louis Bloom, being denied employment. After seeing a career opportunity in filming and selling crime footage, Bloom pawns stolen items to purchase a camcorder and police scanner. With his new equipment, Bloom gets close-up, graphic footage of a shooting which he sells to Channel 6 News. The film editor, Nina, praises Bloom for his natural eye for the scene. Inspired to improve, Bloom learns the police code and hires the homeless Rick to assist him. Over the next few weeks, he competes with better-equipped nightcrawlers to get the footage. Bloom’s success is unsatisfactory in his own eyes which lead him to blackmail Nina. He demands sex in exchange for exclusive rights to the footage she needs to keep her job. To uphold his end of the bargain, Bloom and his partner beat the police to a triple homicide home invasion. Upon arrival, he films the two perpetrators leaving the scene before he enters the mansion. (Nightcrawler, 2014)
Inside, Bloom unaffectedly stages the gruesome crime to better accommodate his filming. Before selling his footage to Channel 6 News, he edits the criminals out. After the news report, the police want to speak with Bloom, who insists he doesn’t know anything about the perpetrators. Bloom follows the criminals until they relocate to a filming friendly diner. He finally calls the cops, informing them the criminals are armed. After a brutal shootout, one criminal escapes,…

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