Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Narcos '

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Profit Motives in Narcos Narcos is a recent Netflix original drama series that contains true events regarding the famous Colombian drug lord, Pablo Escobar. Primarily, the series shows Escobar’s road to being a successful drug dealer as well as his downfall since he is chased by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), mainly the DEA agent Steve Murphy. Particularly, the first episode of Narcos shows how Escobar transforms into the notorious drug dealer when Cockroach introduces him to the new addictive drug cocaine. Although DEA agents ceased kilos of cocaine in Miami, it was only a small portion of Escobar’s successful deliveries. Basically, the episode ended with Cockroach’s death since he betrayed Escobar and the fight between Escobar and Murphy begins when Escobar offers half a million to whomever kills the DEA agent. Netflix effectively draws in viewers to watch Narcos, however, these media networks compromise the media’s creativity and quality to achieve maximal profit. These networks attain this goal through stereotyping characters, exposing the audience to similar events, and showing violence and sexuality. Stereotyping is a mechanism widely used by media networks due to its many benefits. First of all, it is time-efficient which makes the production of shows simpler and smoother, thereby saving the network’s money (Butsch, 2011). It saves time not only by making script-writing and typecasting an easier task, but also because the viewers do not require further…

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