Essay Analysis Of The Movie ' Mr. '

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“Mr. and Mrs. Iyer” starts off slow, beginning with Meenakshi, her baby, and her parents getting her ready for her bus to the train station. Raja is introduced at the bus stop talking with a friend who recognizes Meenakshi and her family and offers Raja’s assistance in getting her to the train station safely. Along the trip, the bus comes across a village where the Hindu and Muslim locals are at odds leading to riots and murders on both sides, tick for tack. A curfew is issued in the area and the bus gets stuck until the curfew can be uplifted. That first night the bus is attacked by Hindus looking for Muslims to attack. Meenakshi, while having an adverse initial reaction to finding out Raja in a Muslim protects him by introducing him as her husband, a Brahmin man with an inconspicuous Hindu name. As the curfew continues, they face adversity together, becoming closer despite their ethnic and religious differences. With the help of police, they eventually join an entourage out of the area and proceed to make their way to the train station. As their time together draws to a close, Raja sees her off to her husband and gifts her a camera as a token of their shared adventure. “Mr. and Mrs. Iyer” is a great example of the post-colonial ethnic and religious divide. The diverse characters that shared the bus initially show just how culturally, religiously, and linguistically separated India is. The Sikh men speaking Punjabi amongst themselves, the isolated, elderly Muslim…

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