Analysis Of The Movie ' Memento ' Essay

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The movie Memento portrays a man named Leonard who suffers from a rare form of memory loss, that prevents him from creating any new long term memories, called Anterograde Amnesia. While suffering from this condition he is actively looking for the man who caused his illness and murdered his wife. Along the way he encounters suspicious characters, whose motives aren’t clear until the end of the movie. Meanwhile, Leonard uses photos with notes on them to try to make sense of his life.
In the scene where Leonard gets attacked you see him lying on the floor with blood oozing out of the side of his head. The part of the brain associated with memory also happens to be located on either side of the head. The temporal lobe is what I assume was damaged when he was attacked. The Temporal lobe houses the hippocampus, which is responsible for creating new memories, it’s also important when it comes to memorizing spatial layouts. The amygdala is located right in front of the hippocampus, it is responsible for responding to emotional stimuli. In the Movie leonard talks about not having feelings of fear anymore, which may also indicate that the temporal lobe was injured since the amygdala is present in the temporal lobe.
In the movie, Leonard has the ability to use sensory and short term memory. Sensory memory turns into short term memory, or the working memory, and if you pay attention to it long enough from there after actively rehearsing the information, it is stored as long term…

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