Analysis Of The Movie ' Mean Girls ' Essay

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Finding Yourself

Psychologists all over the world have studied the complexity of adolescents and their behaviors through-out this stage of the human life-span. In the movie, Mean Girls, Lindsay Lohan portrays the main actress known as Cady Herron. Unlike most teens, Cady was raised in Africa, with her parents as Zoologists. She was homeschooled for all of her school years, and this would be the first attempt at public school. Cady like most adolescents, finds herself in a rock and a hard place when she is caught between real friendship and the fake ego plastic one. From the view of a Developmental Psychologist, I found there are several key factors and theories strongly influencing Cady and her behaviors during this time in her life. Moral emotions, moral reasoning, forging a sense of identity, and self-esteem are among the few I have chosen to take emphases on. Moral emotion are classified under Sigmund Freud’s Psychoanalytic Theory along with empathy, prosocial behavior, and antisocial behavior. All I feel are behaviors and stages that Cady is experiencing at this time in her life. Moral emotions, both positive and negative, require being able to evaluate whether you or others have exceeded or fallen short of standards of behaviors. Cady shows signs of antisocial behavior when she works up a plan with best friend Janis Ian to take down Regina George “Queen Bee” of the Plastics. She feels that even though she is pretending with one she is actually helping with the…

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