Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Kanye West '

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Kanye West is an American hip hop recording artist, fashion designer, songwriter, producer and record label executive. West graced upon popular culture in 2004 when he released his first single and video “All Falls Down” from his debut album The College Dropout. Kanye West is among the few hip hop artist Millennials can classify as a “musical genius” and now, as a fashion icon. West has adorned us with his much anticipated and successful Yeezy sneakers through both Nike and Adidas. He has released three “seasons” from his Yeezy clothing line and blessed us with multiple creative and elaborate collaborations through art work, fashion, and limited edition collection pieces. The always controversial West also used his platform to exploit the fashion industry with intent to promote change. Kanye shined a light on racial prejudices, body images, and the unjust pricing and exclusivity of high-end luxury brands. His music is what keeps him relevant, his fashion revolution is and inspiring and impactful, and his sporadic antics and rants keep us entertained as his name stays at the forefront of magazine and newspaper headlines. I am personally moved by Kanye West’s journey in the Fashion Industry because he does not conform to the rules; he is not afraid to speak his mind be himself. He had a vision, he studied the industry, saw flaws, and decided to use his creativity to make a change in the industry.

It was made clear to us by Kanye West himself of his interest of…

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