Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Juno '

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This film is about a teenage girl, named Juno MacGuff, which ends up in a rut when she realizes she became pregnant unexpectedly by her friend Paulie Bleeker with whom she had a one-night stand with. The pair have feelings for each other but are not the type of people who want a real relationship. The movie takes place in a small town in Minnesota where both Paulie and Juno attend high school. This film takes us on one of Juno’s most important life journey as we become familiar with what a teen in today’s society might go through in a situation like hers. Juno has a unique personality which is portrayed through out the film with her being a sarcastic, independent, and rebellious young girl who speaks her mind without caring what others opinions of her are. She is the main character in the film and is portrayed as having a tough outer shell to her but her softer, more emotional and caring side, is shown as the film develops. As the pregnancy evolves, Juno will face many obstacles with keeping a wall up to hide her emotions for Bleeker and her attachment to the baby and the possible adoptive parents in check. The main complication in the film comes when Juno tries to make the right decision regarding her unborn child of whether or not she will keep it. Her original plan was to get an abortion but that plan gets rattled up when she backs out of doing it last minute at her local clinic. She backs out of the abortion because she felt alone and didn’t have anyone to be there to…

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