Analysis Of The Movie ' Johnny Got His Gun ' Essay

1029 Words Nov 20th, 2015 5 Pages
As blood-curdling screams and deafening gunshots fill the air, thousands of innocent lives expire. As soldiers fight for the freedom and safety of others, they also fight for their own lives. They risk their lives and the well-being of their families. War affects the emotional prosperity of all involved in war, whether their involvement is direct or indirect. The effects include injuries and loss of loved ones. Because all human beings experience loss and suffering and loss and suffering are a significant part in war experiences, war is a popular literary subject. Two specific literary examples that display the horrible effects of losses from war are Charlie Anderson from the movie Shenandoah and Joe Bonham from the book Johnny Got His Gun. Both characters experience tremendous loss from war. Charlie and Joe suffer incredible emotional injury from their losses, but the reason they suffer are different. Charlie suffers loss of family members, and Joe suffers loss of all limbs and senses. Despite the fact that these differences are present, both characters well-being suffers from their forms of losses. Although Charlie and Joe differ in specific losses, both suffer significant emotional injury. For Charlie, losing the people he loves is a terrible experience that will haunt him forever. Charlie is now lonelier than ever , and his emotional well-being is suffering. Charlie cannot grasp the fact that his children and wife are now gone. An example of Charlie showing how lonely…

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