Analysis Of The Movie ' Jade Letters ' Essay

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“Dinggggggg------” The sudden shriek signaled a stop to the heavy atmosphere within Mrs. Danisky’s Trig class. Less than 5 seconds later, everyone’s bursting out of the classroom door, not wanting to stay in for a second longer. Jade Letters was one of the first to make it out, she is an ordinary student in Stuyvesant, there’s nothing special about her. Her black hair reached just above her shoulders, and her eyes were dragged down by the heavy dark bags due to many sleepless night, typical of Stuyvesant student. She was considered smart at one point, but then again, everyone was in Stuyvesant. She decided to wear her bright orange T-shirt that day, one she had gotten from one of her many volunteering events for Red Cross. Since today was her gym day, she had black tights and a pair of old sneakers on for easy access when changing. She hated physical education, because being sweaty and dirty was simply not her favorite way to spend the rest of the day. Her stomach rumbled, reminding her of the breakfast she was too busy to eat.
Jade turned around to see her friend bouncing towards her. Nandee can be considered hyper and cheerful, a rare type for a place like Stuyvesant, where it is always so serious and tense. Despite them being friends, in fact, very good friends, Jade can’t help but to feel jealous and maybe even dislike toward her friend who seems to be good at everything without any shown signs of effort. Jade doesn’t like the feeling of putting up a mask in…

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