Analysis Of The Movie ' Inferno ' Essay

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Inferno, the latest film adaptation of Dan Brown 's novel of the same name, released not too long ago in cinemas and it brought to light some very interesting ideas. Brown touches on the taboo that we are all familiar with yet never seem to fully understand. It 's overpopulation. Quite simply put, it will destroy us if we let it - this is widely accepted. Brown 's solution matches his unhealthy obsession of Christian history; Brown 's solution to overpopulation posed through the antagonist 's evil plot, as if he the hero were afraid of the responsibility of dealing with the crisis, is a plague. Let that sink in, one of the most influential writers of our time 's published solution is to let loose a plague upon the Earth. He is not the only one in fault, it 's honestly quite shocking but countless before him have envisioned these broad and easy solutions to a far more complex problem; Brown 's save-the-world plague is a tactical nuke mosquito repellent – they 're all missing the point of trying to save the human race as if simply naming this problem (one that we caused) somehow makes one brave, a visionary, as if they deserve a Nobel Peace Prize for simply musing the concept. The real solution, and unequivocally better solution, to a poxy pandemic which may amuse someone with attention span of a toothpick, is far less cut-throat. We need an intelligent break point or we 'll reach breaking point.

It 's fair to say that the causes of overpopulation are the reason it is as…

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