Analysis Of The Movie ' Hotel Rwanda ' Essay

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Personally when I think of a hotel, I think of a warm comfortable bed, a relaxing time, and maybe even a complimentary breakfast. Unfortunately that isn’t what happened in the film Hotel Rwanda, which is based on a true story. Throughout the film, the nation Uganda experienced a genocide. This occurred because the president was assassinated before he changed the nation’s monetary policy. Following the assassination, the the nation’s divided social groups began to murder one another. Throughout the chaos of the what I viewed, I wondered where God was. If he was there, shouldn’t he have the power to stop all this?
God is known to be almighty, powerful, and all knowing. This being said, many also believe that God was the cause for the genocide. As if he does everything for a reason. If you think this is true, then you need to ask yourself if God is punishing you or teaching you a lesson, or if you did something to deserve all this. Throughout Rwanda I personally don’t believe God intended for any of this to happen.
Many say God is omnipotent. If he was omnipotent, shouldn 't he have stopped the mass murder? Even though it didn 't stop right away, I think God did work through those that have a good intention. Paul in the movie, was the way God intervened. I believe the good in paul mostly came from the good in God. I say this because Paul seem very christlike within the movie.
While Paul seemed the like good guy of the movie, the bad guys were very present within the film.…

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