Analysis Of The Movie ' Hotel Rwanda ' Part A Essay

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1. Understanding the Movie, “Hotel Rwanda” – Part A
While watching the movie “Hotel Rwanda” answer the following questions relating to the movie. Your answers must be in full sentences with correct spelling. These answers must be retyped and submitted with your assignment.

1. In the opening radio broadcast, what does the announcer refer to the Tutsis as? What do you think calling a race of people an animal’s name say about human rights/respect?

In the opening broadcast, the announcer refers to the Tutsis as cockroaches. The term ‘cockroaches’ describes the Tutsis’ political and social status in the Rwandan society. This name implies that the Tutsis were substandard to the power of the Hutus. Humans are generally inclined to exterminate all insects and vermin from their homes. In Rwanda, the Hutu desired to exterminate the vermin and insects from their home (Rwanda).

Being referred to as a cockroach meant that the Tutsis were no longer in entitled to any of the human rights. Tutsis no longer eligible to be protected by the law, have security of person or liberty (all concepts of the DOHR). The expression cockroaches, diminished all respect Hutu’s had for the Tutsis and what the Tutsis had for themselves; not only did it manipulate the minds of Hutu’s allowing them to believe that Tutsi’s vermin, but it manipulated the Tutsis to believe they were substandard.

Consequently, the Hutu reference of cockroaches, allowed for the dehumanization of Tutsis, for their human…

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