Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Hells '

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Laura, still clutching Sarah in her arms pushed past Mitch to get to the nearest window that wasn’t covered in sheet metal. Looking out the window, she saw her husband standing on the back of the Humvee. She watched him as he pulled back the slide plate of the massive weapon and began opening fire in short two, three round bursts. She knew then that her husband hadn’t forgotten about her and their children. He had come for them like a knight in shining armor, striking down Satan’s army. “It’s over, we’re saved!” cheered Lovienthal as the rest of the bus erupted in celebration. “Hells yeah, that’s what I’m talkin’ about!” Steaks shouted as he high-fived Billy and Ryan. The firing began to dwindle from the fifty caliber and then soon stopped all together. The soldiers then emerged from the vehicle. Two of them had assault rifles, the one who was firing the big gun came alight off the Humvee with a handgun. They then finished off the last of the incapacitated zombies that had been left limbless, giving each a clean shot to the head as they worked their way up from the Humvee to the bus. The door of the bus opened and Kyle came running out, followed by his brother Randy. “DAD! DAD!” they screamed as they ran to the commander. Brayzack lowered his weapon, placing it on the ground. He then dropped to his knees as his boy’s approached. He grasped hold of them in an embrace such that only a father could do. “Thank god!” he cried out as he…

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