Analysis Of The Movie ' Half Nelson ' Essay

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A lot of movies that come out now a days usually have someone that is either a good guy (protagonist) or a bad guy (antagonist), but movies that have round and dynamic characters are often better because the viewer can relate to them as it is more realistic. “Half Nelson” is a movie that a lot of people can relate to, as the main actors don 't have just a good or bad side to them, but have their positive/constructive actions and their negative/destructive actions. The first actor, the protagonist Mr.Dunne can be considered a round actor as he does have weaknesses but even if he makes wrong decisions he redeems himself with all the good things that he did in his life. Mr.Dunne can also be considered dynamic because he does change at the end of the movie by quitting his drug addiction. The second actor, the protagonist Drey can be considered a round actor as she made mistakes throughout the movie but also does make some good decisions. Finally, the antagonist Frank can be considered a round actor because he does a lot of illegal things but also does some good things to people.For these reasons I think “Half Nelson” is a good movie that explores many actors that are dynamic and round.

The first actor, the protagonist, Mr.Dunne is both round and dynamic actor. He did make mistakes in his life but also did a lot of really good things in his life. He also changes for the better as the movie progresses. One example that shows his flaws is his addiction to drugs. His use of…

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