Analysis Of The Movie, Glory And Paths Of Glory

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Register to read the introduction… In the film “Glory” all of the colored soldiers went through so much before they could even fight in the war. One example I am currently thinking of is when none of the black soldiers had gotten the correct shoes that would help them with not only marching, but just help them with the physical labor they were being forced to do, and fighting even when they were not going to be allowed to go into battle. In the film Trip played by Denzel Washington, wondered away from all the other recruits only to get flogged for trying to search for a pair of quality shoes for himself.
Glory is high notoriety or morality won by noteworthy accomplishments. In the film “Paths of Glory” I believe the glory in this film comes from Col. Dax. Dax was a very respectful, loyal, and wise man of the upper officers. Even though he is an upper officer, he cares enough for his man to speak against officers above him to get his point

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