Analysis Of The Movie ' Girl Interrupted ' Essay

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My Cinematic Social Worker Girl Interrupted is a film that was produced in 1999 by James Mangold. This movie takes place in a mental hospital in the late 1960’s. It is based on an autobiography of an eighteen year old girl named Susanna. At the beginning of the movie Susanna is discussing with her therapist how she took a bottle of aspirin with a shot of vodka, which her therapists believes was an attempt to kill herself, but she denies this as her motive. She is then sent to a psychiatric hospital where she is diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. I felt the social worker that visited Susanna in her home, really lacked the understanding we have today in the use of the code of ethics, which I believe was due to the time period . This social worker was clearly unaware of the code of ethics we use today and several situations were resolved unethically.
Ethical Issues and Code of Ethics
The first ethical issues that stands out to me is at the beginning of the movie when the social worker tells Susanna that he works with her father and that they are good friends. He also mentions that her parents had asked him to see her. This statement made by the therapist relates to 1.06, Conflict of interests in the National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics. 1.06 states that social workers should not engage in dual relationships with clients. Dual relationships occur when the therapist relates to the client in more than one relationship. In this case the…

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