Analysis Of The Movie ' Gandhi ' Essay

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The Movie Gandhi was very interesting. The story of his non-violence movement was incredibly well done. From South Africa to his death, it was filled with things that provoke thought. Though it does make him superhuman by the way every word from his mouth was profound, it does present his ideals in a way that contrasts against those so ready to go to violence.

I am not a pacifist, and in fact I believe it the duty of every man to protect the weak. It is the duty of every man to protect his family and sacrifice himself for their sake. This movie however, makes me wonder when I would be willing to use non-violence against an aggressor. Would it be only against an enemy as civilized as the British? Only against an enemy with a free press? Or are there other limits that I’ve not considered or that I’d be willing to go beyond. It is at first very clear to me that I would kill any many that is pursuing the death of my family. For my own life, however, it is not immediately evident what I would do. Initially, I would reserve the right to proportionality. Though I also see that I could be convinced that my life could be sacrificed for something greater, and perhaps a nonviolent movement where the aggressors are acting to kill/beat only me and compatriots and not my family (unless they are compatriots) is a case where I’d participate.

I find his method fascinating. But I also wonder how unique it is to India. Or must something completely different occur in other cultures/histories?…

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