Essay on Analysis Of The Movie Food Inc.

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The primary goal of a for-profit business is to maximize profit, which can lead many business professionals down a dark road where one becomes obsessive and greedy to engage in questionable behavior to obtain more and more profit. In relation to the issues in the food industry of the United States, many corporations are taking advantage of their dominance in the industry. The movie Food Inc., portrays how the corporations of the food industry use their influence and power to revolutionize a system to maximize their profit with the ignorance of their cost on people, animals, and the environment. Even though the products and services that companies provide are a necessity for the survival of consumers, their actions can still become motivated by their greed for wealth that blocks the harm they may cause towards others and the environment.
Food Inc. is a documentary regarding the production of America’s food in the food industry and the secrets behind the process that corporations in the industry do not want consumers to know about. The food industry became revolutionized after the brothers who created McDonald’s brought the factory system to their restaurant. This changed how meat was produced in order to ensure that each piece of meat would look and taste the same. To show how meat is actually produced, the cast of Food Inc. visited chicken houses on farms that supplied meat for Tyson and Perdue. Only one of the farmers allowed the cast and camera crew to go inside a chicken…

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