Analysis Of The Movie ' Finn ' Essay

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On Sunday morning, Katie and her family began to get ready for Church. Katie’s mom is putting on her mascara and Katie is curling her hair. Katie picks out her sparkly, blue dress and slips it over her head. Katie and her parents got in the car and drove to Church. Katie is a Christian but she didn’t enjoy Church as much as she used too. She doesn’t like how as she has gotten older, the lessons teached in class aren’t easily applied to life. There aren’t crafts or fun things to do. It is dull and although all information is important, Katie has trouble keeping her head up. The youth in group weren’t very friendly to her. They are shy and believed they were better than her. One girl, Jenny, is very shy but she seems nice. Katie tries to invite her over to watch a movie. Jenny says that she has to ask her father to go. Jenny says she asked her dad and he said movies damage the mind so she can’t. Katie says, “ How about going for a bike ride or something?” Jenny says, “ My father would never let me on a bike and I’m sorry but I am not allowed to do much or go anywhere.” Katie is surprised that she isn’t allowed to do things that are everyday activities. Katie tells Jenny she can come over to help her with her homework. Jenny begs her dad and allows it as long as Katie’s parents are home. Katie’s mom drives them home and Katie begins to help Jenny with her homework. Katie asks Jenny, “How come your father won’t let you do many things?” Jenny says, “He doesn’t want me…

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