Essay about Analysis Of The Movie Eye Of The Sky

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The movie Eye in the Sky takes place in Nairobi, Kenya located in Africa. Colonel Powell is a UK based military officer who commands her team on a mission to capture terrorists of al- Shabaab, also known as Susan Danford and numbers four and five of the most wanted list, who are planning a suicide bombing. Her goal is to “capture not kill” throughout the mission. Powell and her team endowed themselves with the usage of drones to hound themselves to their targets. The pace builds when Steve Watts, the drone pilot, is faced with a dilemma whether to pull the bomb’s trigger when a nine-year-old girl steps inside the kill zone area. Powell’s goal to “capture, not kill” has changed to killing. This situation escalates for implications of modern warfare.
Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles used by the military twenty- four hours and seven days a week as an eye in the sky. Drones are used when manned flight can be detected as risky or too difficult for example putting a pilot’s life at risk. They have been in use for a long period of time around 1911 when planes were being used in warfare. They are able to fly as long it contains fuel and there are no mechanical difficulties. Drones linger over an area on the ground in order to deliver real time imagery of the world. In the movie three different types of drones are used in disguise of a bird, a beetle, and a plane. A drone as a plane displays a bigger view of the ground within the kill zone area, where as the bird focuses on a…

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