Essay about Analysis Of The Movie ' Easter Parade '

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Easter Parade (1948) is a musical and a romance about a man, Don Hewes (Fred Astire) who vows to find a dance partner who he can make better than his old dance partner, Nadine Hale (Ann Miller). He eventually finds Hannah Brown (Judy Garland) and they start off really bad. They become a sensational duo after Don figures out what Hannah’s singing and dancing abilities are best at and the two eventually fall in love with each other in the film. Judy Garland is a sensational actor. She has made a big impact on many of the films she was a part of through Hollywood and researchers today. Judy Garland plays Hannah Brown in Easter Parade as an innocent girl who is dragged into Don Hewes plot on getting back at Nadine. Judy came be deemed as a girl who is very ordinary to the musical audience. She basically plays a small town girl who is looking for her big break, whether it’s singing, dancing, or finding love, in everyone of her films at MGM. From the reading, “Heavenly Bodies: Film Stars and Society” by Richard Dyer, in the section of “Ordinariness”, Richard Dyer explains how Judy can be deemed as ordinary. He basically says that Judy always plays a girl who is true to her small town values and that she is always set up to be the ordinary girl, and by ordinary, I mean the character that she often plays in every film. Dyer also explains how Judy as “different” and this explanation comes from the “Androgyny” section of the reading. In this section, Dyer explains how Judy can be…

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