Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Dear White People '

749 Words Jul 2nd, 2015 3 Pages
Dear White People is a 2014 American comedy-drama movie. The plot of the movie revolves around the issue of racism in American society in general and at the Winchester University in particular. It can be regarded as a good movie if someone has to pass his or her time, but the movie surely lacks in various technical and artistic aspects, if seen with a critical point of view. Central theme of the movie is related to conflict between two races, the white and the black, in Winchester University and how it may result in serious implications. The issue of racism raised in the movie should be praised, but at the same time, it may also be argued that the story goes on to an extreme. Apart from that, there were various shortcomings in the overall plotline of the movie. Different elements and aspects of the movie can be analyzed, but perhaps the most important one is the depiction of racial conflict. It is true that in spite of having equal constitutional rights, racism is often observed on certain occasions in the United States. Media is also accused of promoting white people and their issues more than the black ones. Therefore, this aspect of the movie is appreciable. However, the plot may have gone too further from reality, depicting racial protests in the school and so on. Moreover, the storyline was boring in various parts of the movie as it was shown that the only concern of people is politics and racial conflict in the university. The genre of the movie is Comedy-Drama but…

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