Analysis Of The Movie ' Crash ' Essay

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Crash combines all types of people and uses society stereotypes to explain the plot of a difficult topic. The setting is in Los Angeles, California showing stereotypes depicting society’s biggest weakness. Discrimination is a topic that most people don’t want to talk about. The movie Crash uses complex characters who engage in all forms of discrimination against all kinds of people. The movie uses irony as a focus method to promote human relationships during times of life and death.
Character Reviews
I. Officer John Ryan played by Matt Dillon would probably be considered a racist cop who takes advantage of his power to bully people of color. During the move Officer Ryan used a general description of a stolen vehicle to pull over two African Americans. He then removed them from the car and groped inappropriately the female passenger during a pat down. John later in the move finds the same woman trapped in a vehicle turned over on its roof. She is trapped by her seatbelt and unable to escape the vehicle. John arrives and proceeds to help the girl to become dislodged from the vehicle. The car begins to start on fire and John’s fellow officers pull him from the vehicle. John has an overwhelming sense to save her and dives back in the car and pulls her to safety as the vehicle explodes.
II. Detective Graham Waters played by Don Cheadle is a cop in the LAPD. He comes from a poor upbringing with a heroin addicted mom and a brother who is criminal. He is…

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