Essay about Analysis Of The Movie ' Crash '

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Changing Ways
Realizations are the cause for many people go through major changes in their lives. When referring to a realization, it is meant that people have sudden change in perspective and thought. Events throughout a person’s life or things that they experience can change them drastically. In the movie “Crash”, many of the characters involved have huge realizations and their lives change forever. Many of the realizations in the film are based on the problems the characters run into with stereotypes and racism in America. Although many people in the “Crash” change, there are three characters that really stand out. One character is Officer Ryan, played by Matt Dillon, who is an experienced police officer, but he is extremely racist until a terrible event that makes him rethink things. The second character, Anthony, played by Chris Bridges, is an African American man who lives a very lower class life and has to resort to the stereotypical life of crime to get by. The third character that really stands out is Cameron, played by Terrence Howard. Cameron is another African American man, but he has problems connecting with his background and hides from it in an attempt to escape the stereotypes of his ethnicity. All of these characters have unique stories and problems, but all of them experience a realization that changes them for the rest of their lives.
Officer Ryan experiences his realization in a very different way than the others in the story. Unlike the rest of the…

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