Analysis Of The Movie ' Costa Who Is Recorded By Dax Essay

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This movie with characters named Costa who is recorded by Dax while they are both on their way to their friend Thomas 's house. Costa is speaking to Dax and suddenly Thomas 's mother appears in the kitchen questions what he is speaking about. Costa quickly then walks away and goes upstairs when he hears Thomas showering. Costa speaks upon Thomas 's birthday which that night and says they must create it to be so awesome so that they can make girls more attracted to them. Costa then compromises that he would be responsible for the event and make they look good. Thomas is still unsure about whether it will be too let it be large or small.
Thomas 's mother and father are leaving on vacation that weekend for their anniversary. His parents then have a talk with him and set the basic rules which are: he can only have a small amount of people over his house, no individual can be in his office, not to destroy and contaminate the swimming pool, and that his father 's Mercedes is not to be touched. Dax hears Thomas 's mother and father speaking and videotapes what they say. His mother is concerned about departing, but his father states that they don 't need to panic about Thomas because he is a "nerd". While they are driving to school, Thomas is beginning to panic about the party and Costa orders Thomas not to chicken out. The guys want the party to be immense so that they can be popular at least for one time in their life. They want to finally be popular, because Thomas, Costa,…

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